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Are you ready to set the racetrack ablaze with unmatched style and precision? Look no further than the ALPINESTARS STELLA MISSILE Motorbike Racing Suit, the epitome of excellence in speed and sophistication. Meticulously handcrafted from the finest quality leather, this suit is a masterpiece designed to ignite your passion for speed and elevate your riding experience to extraordinary heights.

When it comes to your safety, we spare no expense. Constructed from genuine leather, this racing suit offers unparalleled abrasion resistance, providing you with a robust shield against potential road rash in any unfortunate event.

But it doesn't stop there. We understand that comfort is key during those long rides. That's why our motorbike racing suit is engineered to perfection. Strategically placed stretch panels grant you the freedom to move effortlessly, enabling seamless maneuverability on your bike. Prepare to make a lasting impression both on and off the track, as the ALPINESTARS STELLA MISSILE Motorbike Racing Suit merges exceptional performance with sleek aesthetics, ensuring that you look as remarkable as your riding skills. Every single stitch reflects our unwavering commitment to detail, embodying the epitome of craftsmanship.

Sleek and streamlined, our racing suit is designed to slice through the air with minimal drag, granting you a thrilling advantage. It not only enhances your speed but also optimizes your body's natural posture, unlocking a whole new realm of performance, speed, and agility.

Tailor-made to meet the demanding requirements of professional racers, this suit boasts an array of features that will revolutionize your racing experience. The pre-curved sleeves guarantee an impeccable riding position, while the knee sliders provide unrivaled control and stability, allowing you to execute precise turns with effortless finesse. Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of professional-grade gear and unleash your full racing potential with the ALPINESTARS STELLA MISSILE Motorbike Racing Suit. It's time to embrace the thrill and conquer the racetrack like never before.


- Top grain milled 1.3mm 100% Real Cowhide leather

- CE approved removable protections in shoulders, elbow, knees and back

- Available in 1 Piece and 2 Piece
- Back hump
- Velcro knee sliders for easy replacement
- Available in all sizes
- Buy with confidence
- Money back or replacement guarantee
- Available in customized size
- Available in customized design
- Available in customized color

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